Will Smart Thermostats Work With Commercial HVAC Units?

Commercial HVAC units are very popular right now especially on commercial buildings. It becomes a part of the necessity of the structure due to its benefits on ventilation and air conditioning as well as heating.

A building or commercial facility has a thick structure with less ventilation due to various rooms and chambers inside. It requires ventilation especially on rooms that doesn’t have windows. Without ventilation and air condition, working in that particular area will not be a pleasant one. Because of the need for ventilation, and controlling of air temperature, we need thermostats. Thermostats’ sensors detect the room temperature and supply the right temperature to provide comfort.

The smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are now used nowadays due to its efficiency and its capacity to help you save electricity. Most of these products right now are designed to connect to the internet. So you can control your room temperature even if you are away. You can also shut your system down to save energy if you are travelling out of town or out of the country. That would help you control your energy consumption and will be able to use your HVAC system properly especially when it is needed.

But will Smart Thermostats work on commercial HVAC units?

The answer is yes and no. Let’s start with the “No” answer. A smart thermostat would work properly on residential structures like houses where you get to control one heating or cooling system. One thermostat is enough to control the entire temperature of the house, including bedrooms, offices, and other areas of the house. However, in a commercial building, the case is different. There are numerous rooms and areas. Each of them require a different heating and cooling condition. So one thermostat could not do the entire job.

With regards to the “Yes” answer, it is possible if you use more, providing a thermostat in every room with individual controls. This could help saturate the entire building with proper air ventilation for each specific area.

There could be issues regarding compatibility

The thermostat has to be compatible with the kind of HVAC system you have in your commercial facility. This is one of the reasons why some smart thermostat would not work because of compatibility issues. Look at its label properly if you will decide to install a new smart thermostat. Find an expert that will help you before you buy the product. It is best to choose what experts would recommend for your HVAC system.

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