About Us

Madrid Engineer’s Club is building a better future for you. We’re originally an online community based in Madrid but have since expanded to welcome everyone from around the world. Those who have a passion for the industry are most welcome to join us.

Our community explores several from the following topics: innovation, technology, research, education, economics, gadgets, health care and scientific inquiry.

We have a carefully crafted blog, written by our team of experts and contributors from different nations. Any project manager or engineering firm director will find plenty of relevant articles, covering leadership, innovation, networking, entrepreneurship, technology and lifestyle.

We believe science, engineering and technology can serve to improve living conditions around the world. We believe investments in science and engineering, research and higher education, will impact the economic success of countries and the world overall. We hope you will feel welcome here in our community and will find what we offer of great relevance to you as an engineer.

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